Bradford Machine Company

Unique Vertical Machining Center At Bradford

In July, 2019 Bradford took delivery of a unique vertical machining center. It is a Kitamura 4XiD. What makes it unique is two pallets and a 90 tool automatic tool changer (ATC). Most vertical machines are single pallet with a limit of 30-40 tools. At any given time they are limited to running the part or parts that fit on the one pallet or need only the few tools that fit in the ATC.

With two pallets and 90 tools, this vertical can be set up to run several parts and switch between them without machine downtime. For example, the machine can be scheduled to be in set up during the day, to run a short cycle time part during manned second shift operation and two pallets of longer cycle time parts during the unattended hours.

This offers full utilization of the machining center and the ability to respond rapidly to our customers.