Bradford Machine Company

Bradford Welcomes Dr. Kitamura

Jim Hayssen, Pres. Bradford thanks Dr. Kitamura for his contribution to Bradford’s success.

On April 20, 2017 Bradford was pleased to welcome Dr. Akihiro Kitamura, PH.D.  Dr. Kitamura is the President of Kitamura Machinery Co., Ltd., Takaoka-City, Japan.  He was joined by Ted Asano, General Manager of Kitamura U.S.A and Wendell Packard, President of Packard Machine Co.

Kitamura Machinery is a leader in 5-axis machining centers.  In the summer of 2016, Bradford Machine was the first of Kitamura’s customers to take delivery of their latest model, the Supercell 300G.  The machine is designed for flexible, unmanned machining.  It’s five-axis and rugged construction provide the ability to machine complex, multi-sided parts in as little as a single set up.  And with 20 pallets and 230 tools, it is capable of running short runs or production volumes in unmanned and lights out mode. 

Bradford Machine has made a major commitment to five-axis machining.  The 300G is Bradford’s sixth multi-pallet 5-axis machine.  A second 300G is due to start up in June 2017