Bradford Machine Company

CNC Milling

Bradford offers 3-5 axis machining of prototype to production quantities of parts with simple to complex geometries. Products range in size from as large as a football to as small as Lincoln’s head on the penny. In the last few years the greatest growth and focus has been in high speed 5-axis machining.

At Bradford, 5-axis machining is a response to customers’ demand for better quality, more timely delivery and more cost effective parts. Several high speed machines, up to 42,000 RPM, large tool capacity, several pallets, laser probing and modern 5-axis technology, deliver more machine availability, greater flexibility and shorter turnaround times. We now have six Kitamura Supercells and several other multi-pallet machines with dedicated or near-dedicated set ups capable of running seven days a week, 24 hours per day.

Let us show you how Bradford can provide the quality parts you need when you need them.

Bradford continues to offer more conventional 3- and 4- axis machining of parts that do not require 5-axis machining.

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