Bradford Machine Company



Bradford Machine has three wire EDM machines. The newest was acquired in January 2015. Maximum workpiece is 31.9” wide, 27.6” deep and 8.5” tall. Wire diameter can be .006”-.012”.

Many parts can be economically produced with wire EDM, such as: precision gauges and templates, keyways, shaft and collet slots, splitting tubes, gears, internal splines, hexes, cams, extrusion molds, punches and dies from one piece of tool steel, thin parts from stacked material, and many other shapes that cannot be machined by conventional machining.

     Other features of Wire EDM parts include:

  • accuracy and repeatability - .0002” tolerances are easily achieved,
  • excellent finishes of 8 RMS,
  • stress free and burr free cutting,
  • capable of cutting hardened and exotic materials – carbide, inconel, hardened tool steels, hastalloy, stellite, titanium--any electrically conductive material hard or soft.

CNC Hole Drilling EDM

Hole drilling EDM uses low cost electrode tube (normally brass or copper material) to drill holes in an electrically conductive material at a high speed. The hole depth diameter ratio can approach 200. Bradford is capable of drilling hole diameters of .012” (0.3mm) to .125” (3.0mm).

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