Bradford Machine Company

Bradford has a full complement of inspection equipment regularly recalled and calibrated, traceable to NIST.

Equipment Includes:Global 7 Series 7107 Advantage CMM

  • Micro-Vu Vertex 341 CNC Automated Vision Measuring System
  • Global 7 Series 7107 Advantage with scanning head and probes. Measuring range is 28” x 39” x 26”H
  • Brown & Sharp, Global Image 544 CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine. Measuring range is 20" x 16" x 16"H, with Renishaw motorized probe head.
  • Brown & Sharpe, Microval 343 Coordinate Measuring Machine. Measuring range is 14" x 16" x 12"H.
  • Mitutoyo SJ-410 Portable Surface Roughness Tester offering more Mitutoyo SJ 410 full viewmeasurement functions on flat and curved surfaces.

A full complement of inspection equipment, subject to recall and callibration and traceable to NIST. Callibration is performed quarterly by an outside third party.